About My Shoe Box Kitchen

My kitchen is really a hallway. In every nook n’ cranny of my one bedroom apartment, you’ll find a cooking tool or utensil. My giant soup pot lives behind a chair in the living room, my spring-form pan is beneath the couch and collection of cookie tins rest underneath my bed. Three square feet of counter space and a refrigerator that blocks the way to the bedroom and bathroom when open make it nearly impossible to house more than one cook or guest at a time.

I come from a long line of passionate home cooks who have taught me the beauty of sharing food and love, as well as the art of entertaining. I’d never dream of letting a tiny kitchen and limited counter space stand my way.

From my Nonni’s (Italian Great-Grandmother) ravioli to my Cittee’s (Lebaneese Grandmother) Yubra; and my mamma’s tomato soup to my dad’s famous salsa, I’ll  share old family recipes as well as a few of my own creations. I hope these recipes bring as much warmth and happiness to your table as they have mine.


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  1. Barbara Robino

    You made Nonni’s ravioli and you didn’t call- they look perfect- Love MY Shoe Box Kitchen and you!


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