Nama’s Snickerdoodles

A soft and chewy cookie rolled in cinnamon & sugar

My Nama inspired my love of baking, I can remember baking Snickerdoodles, apple pie or peanut butter cookies each time I’d spend the night at her house, which was often since she lived just across town. These cookies are absolutely delicious, soft and chewy with just the right amount of spice.

I’ve altered her recipe ever-so-slightly, however. Living in Colorado all of my life, has taught me to adjust all of my baking recipes for high altitude.

After reading countless blogs and experimenting with Pinterest recipes, I’ve learned that rather than adding the traditional 2-3 tbsp of flour to the recipe, adding the same amount of cornstarch results in a chewier, softer cookie, which is everything you want in a Snickerdoodle.

If you aren’t at high altitude, simply replace about 2 tablespoons of flour with cornstarch rather than adding it to the total amount of dry ingredients.


  • 1 cup unsalted butter at room temperature
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 3/4 cup Flour
  • 2-3 Tbsp cornstarch
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 2 tsp cream of tartar
  • 1/2 salt
  • 2 Tbs Sugar
  • 2 tsp Cinnamon

Beat butter and sugar until fluffy (1-2 mins with a mixer) then add eggs. In a separate bowl, sift together flour, corn starch, baking soda and salt. Slowly stir dry ingredients into butter egg and sugar mixture and till well incorporated. If dough sticks to your fingers, add another tablespoon of corn starch and mix thoroughly.

Cover and refrigerate dough for at least 2 hours. If you’re short on time, flatten the dough into 2-3 disks that are about 1 1/2 inch thick and cover with plastic wrap. These dough disks should sufficiently chill in the freezer after 30 mins.


While the dough is chilling mix together sugar and cinnamon.

After the dough has chilled, portion the dough into walnut sized balls and roll in cinnamon sugar mixture.

Place cookies 2 inches apart on baking sheet and bake for 8-10 mins at 400 degrees


Do not over-bake. The cookies will be very soft when warm.